Home Staging

Great staging makes any house look luxurious and welcoming and inspiring an emotional connection that wows buyers into biding fast and high


It’s not always what something cost but rather how it looks and harmonizes with your interior. It’s time for a Glow-up !

Property Showcasing

Staging model house is the smartest move in the new home developments and in-fill project to deliver record-breaking prices as fast as you can build

Turn-Key Rentals

Seamless and professional services to transform your rental property into a temporary home for customers and maximizes your investment

Why Professionally Stage Your Home?

Between 2% to 10% of prospective buyers can visualize the potential of a property hence the rest of the population is counting on us to feel this extraordinary emotion called je ne sais quoi that will consume them until they can call the property “Home”.

As they said you never get a second chance to make a first impression. A professionally staged home will create this wow effect, this je ne sais quoi moment on any prospective buyer and create a significant financial advantage for the seller. It has been proved that a stage home will sell for on average 17% higher than un-staged house and 67% faster!

Do I need to say more.?

Why stage with Kreata Immobilia?

Kreata’s goal is to transform every client’s space into je-ne-sais quoi moment, regardless of the budget and location. Our stages are dedicated to inspires record-breaking prices, quicker sales for homeowners, developers, real estate professionals who want to maximize their sales efforts.

We are working with high-end home furnishings, bold accents while offering targeted and tailored solutions that meet today’s demanding market requirements.



Home Staging

Virtual Staging and Physical.

For client who want to sell their property at a higher price and in a short period of time, our professional staging services and recommendations are a must.




For client who is not looking to sell their property but want to experience that je ne sais quoi feeling every day? Connect with us we will breathe a new life into your residential space.



Property Showcasing

Builders and Developers

For the property selling client who would like to avail of our professional services wherein the property would be showcased.



Turn-Key Rentals

Staging a rental is a creative and efficient way to reimagine your home and make it more appealing to attract potential renters.

Founder & CEO

Originally from Haiti, I always knew I would end up living and working abroad. After graduating from University of Quebec in Montreal with a bachelor’s in business international trade I began a career in Sales and Operations. While still working with numbers and on projects I decided to move into a more creative role. I always had a passion for interior design, art and I realized home staging would be the perfect way to combine two of my biggest interests. I have built kreata to be a company where service, execution and visual appeal are paramount, providing unparalleled home staging services while adding value for developers, retailers, homeowners, and commercial design clients. When I am not working, I love travelling as many different places as possible, trying new restaurants spend time with my family.

Clients Testimonials

Sybille has done an outstanding job redesigning and making our house a home. She understood our needs and was very helpful put them into a vision. She knows how to cater to customer needs for any room of the house. She has made our property brighter, cozy, and mostly unique.

She had impressive ideas and make sure to incorporate our taste and preferences. She is an incredible home stager with an eye for art and beauty on every budget. The process was fun and easy with Sybille, we will certainly hire her for futures projects and highly recommend her.

Mohamed Konate

Staging allows for vision to become reality. But what is truly important is working with someone that can sincerely trust with the process and that combines creativity with leading modernized necessities.

With Kreata there is no compromise Sybille will exceed your expectations while cultivating results personalized to every space to maximize its potential. If you are looking for an experience that consists of approachability and attentiveness, Kreata is the one to help you get the best of your home.

Melissa Devine

Sybille at Kreata is an absolute pleasure to work with! She is kind, smart and mindful what makes Kreata my Go-To-Design for staging and decorating and most importantly she delivered fantastic results.

She Truly understands each client’s needs and consistently surpasses expectations.

Thank you, Sybille!

Peter E. Binotti

Get in touch.



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