We can all agree that buying a property is a life goal for most people and we totally support that!  God knows that you have been dreaming about this beautifully decorated house, stylish interior, and picturesque exterior all your adult life so who cares that you have it in your late 40s, 50s or in your comfortable 60s? Since when do dreams have deadlines or expiration dates? Last time we checked they never have, and they never will.

Remember George W. Bush Sr? Yes, the former United States president treated himself to nothing less than a parachute jump for his 75th Yay! Achievements are possible at any age!

I said it!

I mean if anything you are smarter than most of us! You did not fall for that society pressure that make us believe if you do not own certain things at a certain age, you are failure! You did not engage in something that you were not ready both emotionally and financially to handle, you held your ground firmly. You waited to be fully prepared to do the jump (probably going to do the parachute jump soon) and that’s a boss move!

 Let’s be honest!

Owning a house is a great accomplishment that comes with some meaningful changes too, right? Such as a deep and honest look into your cash flow with these new fixed costs, oh yes dear they will certainly impact that fabulous lifestyle of yours… Yes, we know about the organic foods, the nights out, those European beaches, that last YSL… should I continue? Probably not

The wait!

Oh gosh!  Stepping into “Your house” for the first time is an incredible sensation it’s like drinking that fabulous cold sangria in a hot summer day nonstop like tap water! Nothing is more rewarding than this feeling of accomplishment to be able to afford your dream house on your own term and time! And because you waited you can now live the lavish life while crashing your life goal with not too much compromise!

So what you bought your first property at that age? It’s only time to start celebrating and living your best chapter ever!

Congrats and welcome to Kreata Blog!