Indoors plants are an organic key design element to any room no matter your personal design aesthetic. They bring a fresh look and feel to the space while making it beautifully vivid. Whether you want to jungle-up your space or want to complete a look by adding a pop of greenery you should know there are not set rule when it comes to indoors plants , only thousands of possibilities.

Choose your houseplants according to your lifestyle

Having indoors plants is a decision that goes with your lifestyle its as simple as that. Take cues of your everyday life then got yourself the suitable plant! believe me: you will save money, time and probably manage your ego on the way. If you are always on the move managing career, taking care of your love ones while maintaining a social presence or you are just living your best life out there, get yourself a low maintenance plant that does not require a lot of attention and care, to illuminate your interior. 

On the other hand, some plants need much more love and care to thrive, if you happen to have some spare time to dedicate to those needy plants go for it! 

Proper care and love

When it comes to plants, the primary goal is to recreate there natural habitat to allow them to flourish. Keep in mind the following truths that I learned the hard way: Location is everything, ensure to know if your plant need low, medium or bright light and then place accordingly. Excess harms everything, be cautious about watering your plant and the humidity level of the environment. Gently clean the leaves every few weeks to allow the leaves to gracefully absorb any luminosity.

Here are some of our favourites plants

Majesty Palm: Wast to grow, easy care and suitable for all architectural space! Areca palms improve indoor air and increase positive energy. Not too much water, palms like humidity and love bright lighting.

Fiddle-leaf/Fig tree: The plant that refuses to go away! Symbol of affluence and good luck a fig tree will outgrow your house. They are very needy plants, requires more humidity that you usually have indoors, adores sunlight and does not require a lot of water. They are notoriously hard to keep alive. I am not a fan of fake anything, but I would recommend faking it with a faux fig tree if your lifestyle do not allow you to take good care of it.

Snake plant: Good looking and pleasing to eye are a few adjectives to describe describe a snake plant. It’s one of the easiest plant out there to kill, to kill a snake plant you will need to try very hard. Snake plants do well under light condition and normal room temperature, depending on the size you may water it every 10 days. Oh! according to Feng Shui snake plant enhance the energy of any space and improve air quality.

Olive tree: The olive tree aesthetic is appropriate for elegant interior or even office. Her pale green colour is perfectly muted. Olive trees are as temperamental as the fig trees. They love direct sunlight, humidity should be low for the majesty. Watering one a week.