There is something quite magical about moving into a new place. Seeing that natural light bouncing off so amazingly on the walls, feeling that new organic vibe all around you…yes life is beautiful! I know exactly what you are feeling at this exact moment: the urge to have “everything new” to transform your space basically into a hotel venue…but your wallet is saying otherwise!

Been there done that, fortunately!

Your walls

Taller is better when it comes to walls! Therefore, to give the illusion that your ceiling is higher you can paint half a wall for an eye-catching moment. Speaking of painting choose a neutral colour palette and stick to it for the love of God! Craving some punch? Do an accent wall to add some personality to your interior.

Another great way to decorate your walls is to find some gorgeous yet affordable Afrofuturism art to hang!

Lighting please

A few accent lamps to create a warm and welcoming ambiance while diffusing a soft minimal lighting, is all you need. Feeling a bit creative? Look on Facebook Marketplace to find some great, old, and inexpensive lamps to transform into some outstanding pieces while enjoying some wine on a Saturday night with your friends.


To keep your space light and airy sheer curtains are your best ally, believe me. Hang high, they will transform your room dramatically! They have a delicate presence and float gracefully allowing light to be diffused. My personal recommendation would be to go to Décor St. I am obsessively obsessed with their work.


Do you really need new furniture? Most of the time a new slipcover and some new throw pillows can change drastically the look of a living room! As for your bedroom I agree with the following saying: the real luxury lies where you lay your head… insinuating you should spend a few bucks on some new quality bedsheets and several size of pillows to keep that luxury aesthetic look.


  • Proportions, textures and colours need to balance while still contrast. Dilemma? Not really, we call it Creative Structured Chaos!
  • Introduce flowers and plants to feed the fresh green vibes and to class up your interior.
  • Gather all your small decorative items together and start creating elegant vignettes.
  • Use a coffee table book (and no it does not need to be THE Tom Ford book) with some decorative vases, different sizes around to set up the ambiance.

Got the picture? Have fun decorating your new place!