In the very beginning of my twenties one day after work I got invited by a colleague to a Dining Etiquette class. Gladly, I said yes. Although I was there to learn about etiquette manners, the tablescape took my breath away during the whole course. My love slightly obsession for tablescaping has been growing since that beautiful day.

Tablescape – The art of setting your table – has been around since the beginning of the time, but why is it trending now? Simply because over the years it has been demystified and has evolved to bring a fresh, modern, and affordable perspective on how to decorate a table.

Whether you are hosting a festive Christmas dinner this year or simply want to dress up your table for your loved ones, we got you covered!

Colours -Theme

When you are thinking  about Christmas what are the first colors that come to your mind? Those bright and joyful reds, the different shade of greens or those glacial blues? Or yet the immaculate snow white and the brilliant-soft gold. Those coulours certainly enhance the festive ambiance. If you are Feeling a bit adventurous this year use a gorgeous black for his uniqueness and luxury vibe!

If you are unsure of what colors to use on your Christmas settings then pick neutral color palette, you cannot go wrong.

Timeless Decorations

If you are investing in new decorations, I would recommend colour tones and patterns that are timeless that you can use for any other occasion throughout the year. If you are looking for more a natural vibe, do not be afraid to bring the beautiful outdoors into your place by using natural elements such a greenery, dried fruits for your Christmas table setting ideas.

Want a cheery and festive mood? You can incorporate classic Christmas elements into your table setting  for a  magical dinner, a classic.

Coordinate your dinnerware

Your dinning sets – cutlery, plates, cocktail, and elevated wine glasses should be on point, this is the base of any well-dressed table. A stylish collection with plain white or beige plates and elegant timeless cutlery if you are looking for an outstanding tablescaping.

A curating of sharing essentials

Nothing is more enjoyable than the sharing experience with your guests, it brings people closer. Consider sauce/seasoning bowls, cheese board, large plate to share and cheer up the night. This is where you can impress your guests  with some fancy and unique pieces that scream you are the queen or king tablescaping.

The ambiance

The perfect ambiance is a combination of the aroma, the essence around the living space, the lighting, and the atmosphere. Candle plays a major role into translating a welcoming ambiance. This is the perfect season to light something joyful but with a delicate presence and with a solid burn time to keep the room warming with joy and  while creating memories.

Happy holidays!