We all want to improve ourselves and to experience growth in life – this growth can take many forms such as a business launch, a career change, to be healthier, to travel, to go to therapy – yeah that too! New Year’s resolutions are a great starting point to set goals as this time of the year feels so hopeful.

How many of you have been able to stick to their goals last year? According to the U.S. News & World Report, 80% of New Year’s resolutions fail by February. It seems that I am right on time to help you setting new goals or review the actual ones.

It is legit to wonder why even the best-intentioned resolutions are failing.  I believe it is because most of the time people are setting goals purely as a new year’s tradition without putting real thoughts on the resolutions, without plans.


I do believe in resolutions, but I am a stronger believer of setting intentions when it comes to New Year’s resolutions. Let’s work with the most common resolution here for context: you can set the intention to be healthier by losing some weight therefore you can set smaller and short-term goals to help you achieve it, such as modifying your diet in the first quarter and starting a physical activity in the second one. When you accomplish a goal, you will feel rewarded, empowered and is more likely to continue working toward a larger goal – Smash it.

No one is posting their failures

But what happened if you are not meeting your own expectations? Well, nothing. You are not failing your resolution and has nothing to be ashamed of. it only means that your goals need to be re-evaluated so that you can set new and realistic goals. The intention is still there.

Let’s speak values

Most of the time we set common resolutions since everybody is doing it and not because it aligns with our values. Is buying this Chanel bag really the key to your happiness? Will losing 15 lbs make you the happiest and most confident person alive? Think it through, revisit your core values, challenge your why, the real reason you set this goal in first place and if it still resonates with you, it will be definitely easier to achieve – Stay true to yourself.

Have a fabulous year 2023 and remember you have the ability to be the very best version of yourself this year on your own term.